Friday, 15 January 2010

What is it to like about being on a network?

We are social beings. Our need of social contact comes from a long time ago, when we were still living in the cheapest accommodation men ever lived.
These days, we are still looking for a cave to join. Our need of belonging impel us to socialize.
However, in social networks era, we can join a cave in other continents. We can meet people without ever really see them. We can "be friends" of millions of people... So, what is it to like on being on a social network?
In theory, they say, between you and everybody else in the world there are only six people in the network. Does this just mean that we live in a small village? Or does this mean that you can use the network to reach someone you are want? Maybe.
Nevertheless, small and big business want to be "network-able". Probably they want to be in the net because they do not know what is coming next and is better to be in than to be out. Is difficult for me to believe that they are really doing business with it. Moreover, it is also another channel they have to communicate and to shape opinions.
Some big companies already have their social network employee: someone they pay to take care of this aspect of their image. The profile varies, but generally this person twits about the company day life, blogs "independently", updates the Facebook profile, and so on...
I read in this portal that someone wrote a negative comment about Comcast service and after a while this person was contacted by a representative in order to solve the problem. Having this kind of "face" to talk to may help in avoiding customers' attrition, while also building a positive opinion about the service and company's image.
I wonder if, for some, the question is not what is it to like on being on a network, but instead, are you from this world if you are not in the network?

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