Monday, 1 November 2010

Product Service Systems

This is the topic that hit me after several months reading about services and service systems: Product Service Systems. It hit me because of different things, but mostly: dematerialization, reuse, sustainable consumption.
While many are already moving to the next buzzword, I am still sticking to sustainability. I have heard about regeneration, renewability and thrivability here, but I am still behind. For now I share this video that shows a very interesting perspective in consumption, PSS, and web 2.0. The 21st century is supposed to be the century of collaborative consumption, after one century of incredible overconsumption. This new paradigm focuses on trust, access over ownership, primacy of experience, and is advantageous for the consumer (me and you), communities, business, and the planet. Let it grow!

Collaborative Consumption Groundswell Video from rachel botsman on Vimeo.

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