Thursday, 20 January 2011

New year, new thesis theme

After some time reading about services and services economy, I ended up in something different but that makes more sense to me. It all started with product service systems (PSS). With a few more readings and thoughts about PSS, I was searching frantically about dematerialization and sustainability. Then I had a lecture about Technology Acceptance Model and Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology where I saw the kind of research that makes more sense to me. So nice that your research can produce something like an explanatory model with relations between independent and dependent variables!
In that moment I realized that I wanted to do quantitative research. About what? Services? Could not make a proper connection of that theme with a quantitative study... A few more clicks and searches about sustainability and I found it: Green Information Systems. What an interesting idea! To use IS approach to the problem of environmental sustainability. And there are so many topics to work here because it is so new... However, there are lots of opportunities and topics to investigate but not as much established facts about this new stream of research. This implies that I have to work with uncertainty but, more important than that, I am working with a passionate theme.

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