Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Lessons Learned

In the past few months I learned that the Phd journey involves learning several lessons. And I am only at the beginning...
The first lesson I learned is that there is always something missing in your work and it is never complete (specially if you are still doing it). There are always limitations and it is not going to be perfect, even at the end.
Second lesson, is that you can live with the limitations but you do not want to live with flaws. You want to avoid people telling you that you missed one important article in our literature review. So, now I keep in mind that I have the on-going job of rewriting it and adding sources.
Third lesson, when you are designing your project be sure you have the resources you need, namely data sources confirmed and participants agreement. This will help you avoid frustrations and worries in the future.
Fourth lesson, people who don't know you will remember you because of your work and your presentations. I think it helps a lot when you build a positive image of yourself and your work. Is important to transmit passion about what you are doing and engage others in your presentation, so they will be interested and make you questions.

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