Friday, 2 November 2012

Do we really understand science?

I write this post having two different cases, but similar in some aspects, in mind:

1. The recent trial of Italian seismologists that "failed" to predict Aquila's earthquake in 2009
Is seismology an exact science? Aren't seismologists working in the realm of statistical models? I have the idea that statistics are not a modern form of oracle or fortune-telling... but I suppose Law Lords believe it differently... 

2.The intimidation of a Portuguese researcher from University of Minho by a powerful telecom company - Portugal Telecom - after the discussion of his thesis reporting lack of transparency in the process of implementation of DTT in Portugal

The central point for me here is: do we want a scientific understanding of the world with the goods and bads that come with it? Or are we going back to the Dark Ages and trial our modern Galileo Galilei?

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